Critical Mass Action Baliwag Dec.18, 2016 “Bikes against Coal and Fossil Fuels”

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Bulacan is one of the major industrial and agricultural center. It is strategically located between the commercial center of Manila and the industrial and trading centers of Northern Luzon. One of the traditional rice granary of the Philippines. Despite the great challenge posed by El Niño on agriculture, this province pulled off a bountiful harvest that has propelled it to being recognized by the Department of Agriculture as a Hall of Famer in the Agri-Pinoy Rice Achievers Award. All of a sudden this claim progressively changing due to land conversion for real estate development, mall culture and consumerism. The food production in this area are now getting low because vast agricultural land are now becoming a low-cost housing project, supermarkets and malls. This building and construction will be requiring a huge amount of electricity and it will be dependent on coal and fossil fuel as a source of energy. The situation of food security is at risk and will create an impact on climate related issues.

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At 8am some of the participants already at the Hero’s park waiting. Volunteers from Food Not Bombs Baliwag,, some friends from Manila and other bikers gathered and other FNB crew are at Bustos preparing foods. While we are waiting we discuss the route and give some brief background of the Critical Mass Action then we put propaganda materials on our bike. The weather is calm with darker clouds as we think it will rain soon, so at 9 am we started the ride going to the north side of Baliwag. We saw a Shell gas station and decided to stop to take a rest and bring out our banner stating “Bikes Against Coal and Fossil Fuels”. After that we ride again, take the one lane of the road at the same time speaking through our megaphone to share the road and promoting the use of bike as an alternative form of transportation to minimize our dependency on fossil fueled cars and motors. We already feel the small drops of rains so we decided to rest and take a cover. The bike ride ended at 12nn timely for lunch break but we waited for FNB crew to come for the free food distribution. Then around 12:30pm food was ready, Food Not Bombs occupy a tent space in the park to set-up the table, install a banner and share foods while giving out flyers.

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