Manlaban Zine

This zine is a collection of creative art/writings that are related to an on-going campaign of this administration against drugs. Expression, sentiments, information, stories and ideas that are not usually seen on mainstream media. Every piece that includes here are shared freely. It is not been edited. We encourage the people who will get this to think, to be critical and resist.

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Decentralize Source of Power October 5, 2016 Quezon City

I was invited by to share some information regarding Solar Power.
The technical aspects on how the solar power works and our politics why we promote this kind of alternative source of energy in response to climate crisis issue and the battle against dirty energy.

In the Philippines, who are still dependent on coal and fossil fuels, the information regarding renewable energy is limited, sometimes the access on how to get this information are preferably for the privilege class only.  We believe by promoting and sharing technical aspects about Solar Power through different communities we can advance the campaign on decentralization and a self-manageable type of energy dependency. Making more popular in a wide range of general public is an strategy to eradicate  monopoly, control and centralization. Creating more autonomous facilities and commune that can provide technological development in the grassroots level.