Listen to Anarchy on Air

The 2nd episode of Season 7 is co-hosted by Ocean and Daniel. First, group member Delia reports on news and resistance actions – collaboratively culled – from around the world; then, we hear an interview conducted by working member Ocean with Cris, a working member and founder of Etniko Bandido Infoshop in Metropolitan Manila of the Philippines. The second interview is also conducted by Ocean, and is a conversation with Michael Higgins and Byron Lee on their work with the Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network.


New release zine: (“Anarki akin ang buhay ko 2.0” at “Dialectical historical materialism – an effective tool for authoritarian politics, domination and control in the archipelago”)

“Anarchy is based on actual practices of humans. The term “anarchy” was coined to describe something that has already been existing.The essence of this term is based on the need of humans to help one another so that life could thrive for the next generation.

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