#Flush the Terror Bill in the Toilet Bowl #Government is the Real TERRORIST #Abolish Fascist State #In Solidarity to Black Lives Matter

At this moment in time, abuse of power and the dominance by police, military, politician and State itself are became common practices in different parts of world. In the US, the police killed George Floyd in broad daylight with witnesses standing in front of them. The urge to repress the breathing of a human being justify how State’s forces cruel intention towards its people. This kind of killing and violence made by the police, military and authority in uniform in many parts of the world shows how savagery and dangerous in living under this system. In the Philippines alone, more than 20,000 lives lost since 2016 in the so-called War on Drugs instigated by the State. In the history of human kind, you cannot make an assurance living peacefully while at the same time having a police or military in your community because this people are being summoned by the State to suppress and oppress the people, being an authority gives them an entitlement to use their guns in any way possible. It is very clear for an ordinary citizen to see how authority behave, they are not here “to protect and serve”, they are just here to show their power over its people. That’s the very essence of “Authority”.

While the Philippines are struggling with the Covid 19 pandemic crisis; still most of the people cannot go back to work, health services are declining, starvation and hunger are experienced by most of the population, with no clear plan how to stop the pandemic and yet politician in the Senate and Congress are busy passing Anti-Terrorism Bill. One of the gravest misconducts made by the politician, instead of helping many communities affected by the health crisis they focus their power on decision-making to secure their property, position and interest and leaving most of the people in despair and agony.

June 12,2020 As we celebrating, Independence Day. Many people showed up to protest and voice-out their grievances specifically against the Anti-Terrorism Bill and the incompetency of the government to address the issue of the Covid 19 pandemic. Anarchist also participated on the event of action and shared an statement; ” Flush the Terror Bill in the Toilet Bowl “.  The venue of the demonstration are in University of the Philippines Diliman Quezon City, the government warns the public not to do public mass gathering as it will violates the quarantine restriction and they deploy police in uniforms in all the entry points going to UP Diliman to intimidate and harassed the people from participating.

What we are experiencing now is a clear manifestation of how State/Government function, it is undoubtedly that the State are not here to serve the people but for us to be in an unlivable community threaten by fear and terror with the used of their police and military as their private armies.

The Anti-Terrorism Bill can be interpreted in a lot of ways and with a lot of loopholes on it, there is a guarantee that this bill will be abused by the people in power. There is no clarity to ensure the public that their rights will not be violated.

Some of the questionable provision in the bill:

“Provided, That, terrorism as defined in this Section shall not include advocacy, protest, dissent, stoppage of work, industrial or mass action, and other similar exercises of civil and political rights, which are not intended to cause death or serious physical harm to a person, to endanger a person’s life, or to create a serious risk to public safety. “

“SEC. 13. Humanitarian Exemption. – Humanitarian activities undertaken by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), and other state-recognized impartial humanitarian partners or organizations in conformity with the International Humanitarian Law (IHL), do not fall within the scope of Section 12 of this Act.”

“SEC. 29. Detention Without Judicial Warrant of Arrest. – The provisions of Article 125 of the Revised Penal Code to the contrary notwithstanding, any law enforcement agent or military personnel, who, having been duly authorized in writing by the ATC has taken custody of a person suspected of committing any of the acts defined and penalized under Sections 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 of this Act, shall, without incurring any criminal liability for delay in the delivery of detained persons to the proper judicial authorities, deliver said suspected person to the proper judicial authority within a period of fourteen (14) calendar days counted from the moment the said suspected person has been apprehended or arrested, detained, and taken into custody by the law enforcement agent or military personnel. The period of detention may be extended to a maximum period of ten (10) calendar days if it is established that (1) further detention of the person/s is necessary to preserve evidence related to the terrorism or complete the investigation; (2) further detention of the person/s is necessary to prevent the commission of another terrorism; and (3) the investigation is being conducted properly and without delay.”



Homelessness and hunger is prevalent in many countries. People begging for food and malnourished children are common images in many places around the world that used to have healthy communities and ecology. While people are enduring poverty and hunger, governments particularly the first worlds are spending hundreds of billions of dollars to develop war materials they use to control other countries through war, intimidation and manipulations.

Food Not Bombs (FNB) is a solidarity and non-violent action against social injustice. Food sharing is a practical respond to hunger caused by inequality where huge number of people deprived of access to protein while the few elite live extravagantly and using social patrimony to state activities involving violence and oppression of people and destruction of ecology.  People from Punk/Hardcore, DIY, Art communities and anarchists who are involved in culture of sharing and inclined to horizontal processes naturally attracted to FNB.

Many marginalized communities in so-called Philippine archipelago are enduring the lack of basic necessity such as shelter, food, water, education and livelihood.  The acute inequality and social justice rob the people of opportunities to improve their well being to secure the future of their families and communities.

FNB came in the archipelago during the 1990’s as a respond to systemic poverty. It quickly spread like a wildfire in the archipelago particularly after the famous Battle in Seattle – a resistance against trade liberalization during World Trade Organisations Conference. Incidentally, during this period, anarchist collectives and individuals sprouted like mushrooms which thrive in fertile underground culture scenes and art communities.

Currently FNB initiatives in the archipelago operate in autonomous fashion in different locations in different localities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Some are in constant connections with each other and many of which regularly conduct different activities involving sharing of food, information, skills and struggle.

FNB is not a monotonous activity of food provision to hungry people. It is a creative resistance designed to provide not only protein requirements but also engaged in sharing critical information and skills through workshops, discussions, dialogue, cultural presentations and other educational activities. It is frequently combined with really, really free market where people are encouraged to share their unwanted things to those in need. This event is not design to recruit people to a particular group but this encourages the people to self organize based on voluntary basis according to their own capacity. It encourages communities to practice self management under the theme of respect, diversity, decentralize and non-hierarchical relations. FNB is a direct action against capitalism, consumerism and statism. FNB is not an organization but rather an event or an activity can be organized by anyone without asking any permission to anyone or making affiliation to any group. An individual or group of people could organize FNB anytime, anywhere based on their actual context as long as it uphold the basic principles of non-hierarchical, respect, ecological and anti-authoritarian.

Prior to Anti-Terrorism Act, Duterte is already violent. His humorous extemporaneous speeches with twist of sexist acts and remarks could not conceive his thirst for violence.  In many occasions he explicitly mentioned his actual involvement in killings.  Duterte is a megalomaniac person; he desires more power and hates those who threaten his position. He is vengeful and angry. His words are not empty. He is equitable in terms of retaliations to his “enemies”; from low life thugs, to a teacher, a laborer, overseas worker, senators, and lawyers and as big as corporate media and international institutions they will not be spared from forms of intimidation and harassment. Incarceration of oppositions and killings perpetrated by uniformed personnel and masked motor riding gunmen are the trademarks of his government.

His appetite for violence killed FNB volunteers and incarcerated one. These non-non violent people perished and suffered during War on Drugs operations that killed more than 12,000 which the great majority came from poor families and marginalized communities. Essentially, the war on drugs program is war against the poor and intended to intimidate the people and all forms of oppositions in general.

The Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 will surely exacerbate the already worst situation of our society. The Duterte administration shrewdly fast tracked the law in the middle of pandemic crisis. A perfect timing were different oppositions rendered immobile giving no chance to react. It has been approved at the committee level and members of the House of Representatives are expected to debate and fast-track its approval before they go on a two-month break from June 6 of this year.

This law will categorize the  activities and initiatives of FNB volunteers, autonomous activists and anarchists as terrorism. Under this law, solidarity actions which commonly conduct by the said groups of people will be considered as crime allowing the state to detain suspected individuals without a warrant;  longer detentions without charge and give the executive branch more power against dissent. It ruled out the Human Security Act removing government obligations to compensate wrongly accused people.

The Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 is an obvious instrument of a fascist government to curtail freedom that desires to instill fear among the populace to serve the interests of the oligarchs and foreign counterparts

Food Not Bombs volunteers, autonomous activists, independent artists and anarchists strongly condemn the fascist government. We are calling the international resistance to send solidarity to the struggle of different people and community of the archipelago against the authoritarian who serves the interests of few privilege elite.

If you may please organize different forms of action against the Philippines Embassy in your own country to send your support to our fight for freedom.



Philippines: Mutual Aid Action To Fight Covid 19 Pandemic

Philippines are now on it’s two months of Enhanced Community Quarantine (Lockdown). And, yet some local government unit extended it till May 30 but we expect that it will be extend it further because until now we didn’t experience mass testing in different communities.

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, the authoritarian Duterte regime
treats the current crisis like it is in a war and deploys police and
military in checkpoints instead of strengthening the health and medical
needs of the people. It is true that in this lockdown, people have been
suffering, especially the urban poor and the marginalized sectors. The
government is not really prepared on how to handle the health crisis.
Instead of helping and supporting the people who have lost their jobs,
the government instead puts more of their effort into controlling the
movements of people without clear plans on how the people will live. For
example, the government’s financial assistance has been delayed and some
people are going out into the streets begging for food.

We see how disastrous this pandemic are and the government are unreliable, incompetent, create a lot of confusion and distress. We cannot absolutely rely on the Philippine government, so we decided to act according to our needs.

To give you an update for some local Mutual Aid initiatives in the midst of Covid 19 pandemic here. Please check some of the short videos that we produce.







Ang COVID19 Isang pahayag mula sa Local Autonomous Network

Isang pahayag mula sa Local Autonomous Network


Kasalukuyan nating nararanasan ang isa sa pinakamatinding pandemya ng ating panahon. Hindi maikakaila ang matinding epekto (at magiging epekto pa) nito sa halos lahat ng aspeto ng ating buhay; mula sa pinakabatayang pinagkukunan ng pagkain at mga hanapbuhay, hanggang sa kung paano natin isinasagawa ang ating pang araw-araw na mga gawain tulad ng pamamalengke, pag-aaral, paglilibang at maraming pang iba. Tinatantsa ng mga siyentista na hindi basta-basta matatapos ang pandemyang ito sa mga susunod na mga buwan at maari pa ngang tumagos ang epekto nito sa mga susunod na taon. Maaaring sabihing ang COVID19 ay hahati sa modernong kasaysayan sa dalawang yugto; “bago ang COVID19” at “matapos ang COVID19”.

Sa ganitong entablado gustong ilatag ng Local Autonomous Network (LAN) ang ilang obserbasyon, saloobin, at mga ideyang maaaring makatulong sa ating mas malinaw na pag-unawa sa mga nangyayari sa paligid, at sa patuloy nating pag-agapay sa mga pagbabagong idudulot ng nasabing pandemya sa ating kolektibong kinabukasan.

Ang Pandemya (at/ay) ang Gobyerno

Malinaw na maraming naging sablay na desisyon ang gobyerno ng Pilipinas sa usapin ng COVID19 at kung paano nitong napiling rumesponde sa krisis na ito.

Una, kitang-kita ang pagwawalang bahala nito sa mga hinaing ng mga mamamayang nag-uudyok na magpataw ng “immediate travel ban” noong unang pumutok ang balita tungkol dito sa China noong mga huling araw ng Disyembre ng nakaraang taon. Matatandaang nanindigan ang gobyernong hindi basta-basta maaaring magpataw ng travel ban sa China dahil baka ma-offend ito (Go at Duterte) at hindi din daw mainam para sa turismo ng Pilipinas ang nasabing travel ban (Duque). Malinaw na hindi ang kapakanang pangkalusugan ng mga mamamayan ang prayoridad ng gobyerno kundi panlabas na relasyon at turismo. Sa ganitong ganap malinaw na mas inuuna ng pamahalaan ang mga bagay na magsusulong ng mga pansarili nitong interes tulad ng kita at panlabas na relasyon (o pagkatuta) kaysa pangalagaan ang mismong buhay at kaligtasan ng mga mamamayang umaasa dito.

Pangalawa, malinaw na ang COVID19 ay isang problemang pangkalusugan. Bagkus, maaari lamang itong malutas gamit ang mga solusyong medikal tulad ng malawakang testing ng mga pinaghihinalaang may sakit at ng mga tinatawag na hot-spots (mga lugar na may pinakamataas na bilang ng mga pwedeng mahawa), mabilis at maagap na contact tracing (paghahananap ng mga nakasalamuha ng mga natukoy na may sakit), pagmomobilisa ng mas maraming mga health workers, at pagbibigay prayoridad sa pagsegura ng mga kagamitang maaari sanang makatulong sa mga frontliners tulad ng mga Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) at mga mas epektibong pasilidad pangkalusugan. Nakapagtataka na imbes na ang mga ito ang unahin ng gobyerno eh mas pinili nitong i-mobilisa ang pulupulutong na armadong pulis at militar na para bang ang COVID19 ay isang problema ng seguridad at kapayapaan imbes na problemang pang kalusugan. Mananatili ding hilaw ang Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) kung walang magaganap na malawakang testing dahil ang mga datos na makukuha dito ang tanging pwedeng maging batayan kung naging matagumpay ba ang ECQ sa pag-contain ng pagkalat ng impeksyon. Dito naman ay makikita nang malinaw kung paanong mas pinapahalagahan ng gobyerno ang pagpapanatili at pagpapalakas ng kapit nito sa kapangyarihan imbes na paglaanan ng nararapat at napapanahon na solusyon ang krisis na kinakaharap. Maari pa ngang sabihing tila sinasadya ng gobyernong hindi maging maagap at mas lalo pang lumala ang problema kung magbibigay ito ng dahilan at katwiran para gumamit ng sobra-sobrang pwersa at kapangyarihang mamulis lalo na ng mga pumupuna.

Pangatlo, nauunawaan natin ang pangangailangang magsagawa ng Community Quarantine para mabawasan ang paggalaw ng mga tao at kasabay nito ay mas madaling ma-contain ang virus. Pero kaakibat sana nito ay ang mas maagap na pagbibigay ng ayuda sa mga pinakabunerableng miyembro ng populasyon, mga arawan ang sahod o yung mga tinatawag na “no work, no pay”, at mga nasa di pormal na ekonomiya (mga naglalako sa lansangan, mga nagtratrabaho sa palengke, at mga drayber ng pampublikong sasakyan). Pinapatunayan ng mga ganap na ito na wala sa sentralisadong kapangyarihan ng gobyernong walang unawa o paki-alam sa danas ng mga nasa lapag at lalaylayan ang kaligtasang inaasam ng nakararami bagkus ay maaring matagpuan sa mga inisyatibang naka-ugat sa mga mismong pamayanan at mga sektor ng lipunang may tunay na paki-alam.

Sa panahong ito ay naglabasan din ang ilang mga hinaing at panawagang direktang tumutukoy sa kagustuhan ng mga tao. Ang mga panawagan tulad ng #MassTestingNowPH#StopVIPTesting#SolusyongMedikalHindiMilitar#CancelRentPH ay mga praktikal na panawagan sa panahon ng COVID19. Sinusuportahan ito ng LAN sa paniniwalang ito ay nararapat at napapanahon. Sa kabilang banda ay naniniwala ang LAN na hindi ito sasapat at maari pang lagpasan patungo sa mas maayos na kinabukasan.

Ang Hinaharap at Hinahanap

Malinaw na ipinakita ng sanga-sangang krisis na idinulot ng COVID19 ang mga bulok na katangian ng namamayagpag na sistemang umiiral sa mga lipunan ng mundo sa konpigurasyon ng Pandaigdigang Kapitalismo. Maaaring ito ay mas ramdam at mas malinaw sa mga mahihirap na bansa tulad ng Pilipinas ngunit hindi maikakaila na maging sa mga bansang may higit na mas mauunlad na mga ekonomiya tulad ng Estados Unidos at Italya ay nagdulot din ito ng matinding dagok.

Gustong linawin ng LAN na hindi tayo dapat maghangad na makabalik lang basta sa kung ano ang dati. Hindi uubrang pagkatapos ng pandemyang ito ay bumalik tayo sa “business as usual” na pagtanaw sa araw-araw. Mismong ang sistemang iyon ang isa sa mga pangunahing dahilan kung bakit tayo naging ganito kabunerable sa banta ng mga pandemya at sa mga krisis na dulot nito. Hangga’t ang mga tao ay umaasa sa sentralisadong kapangyarihan ng estado at sa pang-ekonomiyang pangako ng mga korporasyon para sa kani-kanilang kaligtasan ay mananatiling limitado ang kanilang kakayanang mag-organisa ng mga sariling inisyatiba para i-angat ang kanilang antas ng pamumuhay at isulong ang pansariling determinasyon sa usapin ng personal na kaligtasan at batayang mga pangangailangan para mabuhay.

Oo, marami pa ding nanatiling bingi at bulag sa kalagayan ng marami at mas piniling maging makasarili sa panahong ito pero ito ay direktang epekto ng mal-edukasyon at mahabang panahon ng pamumuhay sa ilalim ng isang sistemang nagbibigay gantimpala sa pagiging makasarili at mapanlamang. Hindi ito dapat tignan bilang natural na konpigurasyon ng tao dahil ang ating mga kilos at paniniwala ay madalas na repleksiyon lamang ng kung anong kalagayan ng lipunang kinabibilangan natin.

Sa ganitong lente, nais isulong ng LAN ang mga alternatibong pagtanaw sa hinaharap na mas naka-angkla at nakasentro sa mga mismong komunidad na kinabibilangan ng bawat isa. Hindi na lang ito basta usapin ng kanya-kanyang pananaw natin sa pulitika o ekonomiya, kundi ng mga “values” o mga pagpapahalagang tinitindigan ng bawat isa. Maraming inisyatibang hindi nakaasa sa gobyerno ang namayani sa panahon ng krisis na ito; mga donation drives para sa mga pinakanangangailangan, libreng sakay sa mga walang masakyan, pagbabahagi ng pagkain sa mga nagugutom, community farms, mga online classes para sa mga bata at matatanda, libreng pagbabahagi ng mga likhang sining, at marami pang iba– dahil sa huli’t huli ang tanging maaasahan natin ay ang ating mga kapwa, ang ating mga kapamilya, mga kaibigan, at mga mismong kasama sa komunidad na siyang tunay na nakakaunawa sa ating kalagayan. Ang kultura ng pagbabahagi, kooperasyon, at pakikipamuhay sa kapwa-tao ay nananatiling mas may bigat sa mga panahon ng krisis tulad nito. Nawa’y sa hinaharap ay mas maging maigting ang ating mga inisyatibang pagtibayin ang ating mga komunidad. Mula sa mga alternatibong pagkukunan ng pagkain sa pamamagitan ng mga community farms, mga alternatibong porma ng palitan na hindi nakasandal sa itinutulak na halaga ng pandaigdigang merkado tulad ng barter, hanggang sa mga alternatibong relasyon sa trabaho, pag-aaral, at pakikipagkapwa. Sa ganitong gawi natin unti-unting mapawawalang bisa ang estado bilang sentro ng kapangyarihan, sa pagsusulong na unti-unti itong mawalan ng silbi.

Tandaan nating kailan man ay hindi pinag-arian (o naging prayoridad) ng ano mang gobyerno o nang sino mang namumuno ang kaligtasan ng mga tao. Ito ay nananatili sa personal na kakayanan at kabukasan ng mismong mga tao na makipagtulungan at maghangad ng mas mabuting mundo.

#MutualAidNotCharity #CommunityCare #AbetterWorldIsPossible
#KomunidadHindiAwtoridad #KapwaTulunganKapwaRebolusyon

Critical Mass Bike Ride Protest Against Bulacan Aerotropolis Project December 1, 2019 No to Bulacan Aerotropolis, No to Eco-Destructive Reclamation

This action is initiated by Food not Bombs- Baliuag with the support coming from individuals mostly anti-authoritarian and eco-activist. This mega-development construction project will require raw materials to make a metal, glass, timber, cement etc. coming from the mining activities so expect that some mountains will be destroy and hundreds of living organisms will be loss. Aside from 22 species of Mangroves which directly be cut down and hundred tons of marine life that will be kill by this airport project.

San Miguel Corporation are responsible for this ecological genocide.


The crew from Manila arrived in Bulacan Provincial Capitol in Malolos, Bulacan at 8am in the morning and waited for the other groups to arrive who were coming from different towns of Bulacan. Almost 20 participants came that day, they started their breakfast together, a local noodle (vegetarian pancit bihon) prepared by the FNB -Baliuag then a little briefing on the route of the ride, safety and the coordination while biking. They will target to arrive in location were the Bulacan Aerotropolis is about to happen in Brgy. Taliptip Bulakan, Bulakan. At 9:30 am, they started to leave Malolos and went to the road. They blocked half of the road with the two banners hanging and others giving away flyers. The route that they choose is the Matimbo Road- Bagumbayan-Taliptip, they pass through nine barangays (villages) and people stop trying to read the messages on the banner. It is a busy Sunday morning to most of them, we pass churches full of people and talipapa (small village market) had many customers. The reaction of the people is mixed some didn’t know the project, some are against the project and cheer us up but other are annoyed that we are causing traffic. One car tries to run us over and one of the bikers slightly stricken but nothing serious. They continue the ride and swaps who holds a banner. They stopped a few times to rest and drink/hydrate then after 3 hours they managed to reach the Municipal town of Bulakan, Bulacan, at the Municipal Park where the governmental office is located, they staged a picket, although at this day it is closed there are many people in the area witnessed the action. They stay there for 20mins more waiting for the other bikers who were doing wheat-pasting. Then the crew is ready to reach the final stop and it will take 30mins more.

From the Municipal Town to the Brgy. Taliptip they noticed that most of the houses are already descend and the roads are higher so one of the participants measured the sea level and it shows that the land base area is only 3 meters below sea level. According to the research of Climate Central that most of the areas in the Philippines will experience flooding in 2050, so imagined a town where the airport will be located is only 3 meters below sea level and the wetlands/bay area where the 2,500 hectares of this project will be construct is the catch basin for all the waters coming from the higher mountains in Bulacan, “we are talking a big Risk and a future Manmade-Calamity” here for all the people not only for the seven sitios affected communities but also for the people in three towns of Bulacan provinces the Bulakan, Bulacan, Obando Bulacan and Malolos, Bulacan.


So, around pass 12nn we finally arrived in the bridge of Brgy. Taliptip and see the huge wetland connected to Manila Bay, we hang the banner there and stay for about 30 mins then after they finish the action, they went to a friend’s place who are locals in the area. Here we assess the action while having our late lunch.

“Ayaw namin sa airport na gagawin sa Bulacan” No to Eco-destructive Reclamation!

As for the constant effort of Duterte regime, to implement his Build, Build, Build Program. Initiating mega-development project, collaborating with Multi-national Corporation and putting Philippines in enormous debt, he is succeeding. The same with other previous president who think that constructing huge development project will reflect an economic growth. All this government and other institution always think that this kind of progress will answer the social and economic crisis that the most of population experienced. Philippines are one of the least developed countries according to the World Population Review with high poverty rates, economic instability, and lack of basic human resources compared to the rest of the world. Therefore, any elected president will strive harder for their country to prosper but always, the problem we faced is who will benefit on this thriving economy? In the course of our history with my 40 years of existence, nothing change. The same people profited from this mega-development project, the rich-capitalist and oligarch family with the support of State and their politician even you are from the left or right organization or party maintain this status quo. Sustaining poverty situation will enable to create mega-development projects. Promoting scarcity and shortage as natural occurrence and normalizing this will introduce to build more dams, highways, roads etc. The reality is a system already controlled by the power elite. The State/Government is just an institution who are legitimizing and legalizing the destruction of this planet. There is no planet B, corporation and state ruthlessly kill our planet, and this psychopaths have names and addresses. The idea of “someone needs to suffer” in constructing development project is dangerous and inhumane.

Here in the so co-called Philippines, which undeniably colonized by outsider and still at this point living in colonial mindset, dreaming of a western world utopia of richness and power are constantly following the western kind of development, style of governance and decision-making. Disrespecting community wisdom and not recognizing the political and economic affair and values of the people from below.

About to happen is another mega-development reclamation project:

The National Economic and Development Authority Board approved more infrastructure projects last April 25, 2018 including a P735.63-billion offer to build and operate an international airport outside the capital.

Among the flagship projects approved by the Board, which is chaired by President Rodrigo Duterte, was San Miguel Corp.’s unsolicited proposal to build a new international airport in Bulacan.

SMC’s “aerotropolis” proposal involves the construction of a terminal, parallel runways and an airport toll road. The whole project will cover around 2,500 hectares in Barangay Taliptip, Bulakan, Bulacan, a coastal flats/muds of Manila Bay, of which 1,168 hectares will be the main airport complex, while the remaining 1,332 hectares will be developed into a township.


Ecological impacts:

Floods (river, coastal, mudflow), Global warming, Loss of landscape/aesthetic degradation, Noise pollution, Air pollution, Biodiversity loss (wildlife, agro-diversity), Deforestation and loss of vegetation cover, Surface water pollution / Decreasing water (physico-chemical, biological) quality, Reduced ecological / hydrological connectivity, Food insecurity (crop damage), Destruction of mangroves in project area


Socio-economic impacts:

Displacement, Loss of livelihood, Loss of traditional knowledge/practices/cultures, Violations of human rights, Land dispossession, Loss of landscape/sense of place, Other socio-economic impacts

Estimate: 700 families will be displaced and 5,000 fisher folks and salt-maker will loss their livelihood


Youth Strike For Climate May 24,2019

Students and other youth advocates across the Philippines joined today’s global youth climate strike, with 300 from different universities and organizations across Metro Manila holding a carnival-like march to Mendiola to call for more ambitious climate action from the government.

Local Autonomous Network and Food Not Bombs joined in solidarity with the global climate activist movement. Climate crisis created a situation we’re everyone of us would never escape. A continues apocalyptic scenario happens every time in different places, specially for vulnerable countries like Philippines. It is clear that mega-development projects like dams, coal-power plant, mining and extracting fossil fuels reach it’s limits. Our planet gave us everything but consumerist and capitalist-mindset destroy it by seeing the Earth as a resources that can be converted through profit as much as possible.

The idea of using renewable energy will not lead to a solution as long as the decision-making process are still in the hands of the few elite individuals and the control over the technology are monopolized. Climate change is an issue of every single human being and it must be discuss from the ground to bottom-up. Politicians and the government made everything in favor always for the financial investor than serving the interest of the planet as a whole. If the climate crisis issue is urgent then we don’t need to depend ourselves with this representative and policy-makers, it’s time for direct-action.

Kali Self-defense Workshop April 7, 2019

The indigenous martial art that the Spanish encountered in 1610 was not yet called “Eskrima” at that time. During those times, this martial art was known as Paccalicali-t to the Ibanags,[3] Didya (later changed to Kabaroan) to the Ilokanos, Sitbatan or Kalirongan to Pangasinenses, Sinawali (“to weave”) to the Kapampangans, Calis or Pananandata (“use of weapons”) to the Tagalogs, Pagaradman to the Ilonggos and Kaliradman to the Cebuanos. Kuntaw and Silat are separate martial arts that are also practiced in the Philippine Archipelago.

More than 15 participants joined the workshop about the basic techniques of Kali or Arnis. Most of them are teenager and kids who we’re amazed and enjoying their Sunday activity beside the Linear Park. It takes more than 2 hours to facilitate this as we didn’t expect that many will be interested to join. We would like to continue this kind of activity and search for a facilitator/instructor that are open with community-centered free workshop.

In Solidarity to all the Victims and Casualties of State Atrocities. November 17, 2018 Action Day

By: Bas Umali / C

Few people are in-charge in the distribution of material and social goods which the ultimate aim is to maintain social order under the framework of massive hierarchical structure wherein in people compete to the top. Those who are sitting at the highest post enjoys power and privilege. To maintain and further expand their power and profits which are most common and recurring to many politicians; they must exercise control and they would “create” events as despicable as wars and invasions just to assert its agenda.

Local autonomous activists adopted Food Not Bombs (FNB) tactic due to its applicability in terms of action and propaganda. In our local context, over ten million people in many areas of the archipelago go hungry every year. The latest record puts the number of unemployed and underemployed people at about 4.5 million. Every year, almost one million women and men want to leave the country to seek job opportunities. The country has one of the largest numbers of malnourished children in the world. In 2000, the country ranked 77 out of more than 150 countries with a poverty incidence of 34%. The human development index (HDI) figure was 0.656 (NGO’s for Fisheries Reforms’ strategic planning January 2007). 80% of fisher folk households live below the poverty line (Israel, 2004).

Instead of addressing poverty and hunger, the Duterte administration launched “War on Drugs” campaign that killed thousands of poor people. The number of dead bodies continuously rise.

Four FNB volunteers are dead and one is incarcerated. He is in the detention cell in Sta. Fe Bantayan Island Cebu.

FNB Volunteers are here to criticize social injustices that we are enduring many decades ago. Our criticisms employ only peaceful and non-violent methods to effectively convey our MESSAGES OF PEACE, EQUALITY, ECOLOGY & LOVE. We are armed nothing but utensils, cook set and dishes. Our ammunitions are books, zines, documents and skills-sharing workshops. We share nutritious food and relevant information because we know that this our contribution to the over-all initiatives of many communities around the world that is set to end poverty and war by uprooting the system from its core. By eliminating hierarchy and control.

Around 1pm, creative resistance started. We assemble in Welcome Rotonda, Quezon City. Different individuals and groups coming together with their own propaganda materials, foods to share, clothes for the Really Really Free Market and others initiated spontaneously their free school with free coffee and tea. In the middle of the afternoon they set up a free t-shirt printing with the design stated “War on Drugs, War on Poor” while some do wet pasting their political statement on the wall. It was also participated by some street children and other by passers. Volunteers distributed foods and flyers on all the moving cars, trucks and busses while others playing music with an open jam atmosphere. Some volunteers engage themselves with street kids giving them art workshop and basic education. There are also people coming from cannabis community who join the protest event. When the night fall, we solemnly light up the candle to remember all the victims of state atrocities.



16th Year Anniversary of Food Not Bombs Baliuag, Bulacan. A Night of Devastating Art of Noise and Protest against Humanitarian Crisis. In Solidarity to All the Victims of State Atrocities. Oct.16, 2018

“I see humans but no humanity”                                                                                                                                         – Jason Donohue


In this date October 16, World Food Day is celebrated every year around the world in honor of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. The day is celebrated widely by many other organizations concerned with food security, including the World Food Programme and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

October 16, also is Worldwide Anti-McDonald’s Day.  Remember however, that any day is a good day to protest against the promotion of junk food, the unethical targeting of children, exploitation of workers, animal cruelty, and damage to the environment and the global domination of corporations over our lives!

Coincidentally, the creation of Food Not Bombs Baliuag were born on this date Oct. 16, 2003, that composed of young individuals who started organizing DIY punk/hc shows, joining and collaborating on socio, political and ecological action. At this day, we celebrated the 16th year of continues existence of hard-working volunteers and peace warriors of Food Not Bombs Baliuag to provide free meal to all the people who are neglected by the government and other institution. In 16th years many attempts and efforts to establish community project emerge in this place like providing Alternative Learning Center or Infoshop to promote literacy to marginalized communities and Guerilla Gardening for giving an importance on making your own food. Collectives like Urban Chaos and Pinagkaisahan Kolektiba rise and fall. Food Not Bombs Baliuag are also part of the campaign to Free Sagada 11 punks who we’re tortured and detained in 2006. In 2007, FNB Baliuag volunteers take an action against JPEPA (Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement) and also involved themselves in Solidarity action against G8. Until today, aside from giving free foods to homeless, senior citizen, street children, beggars and other bystander, the FNB Baliuag volunteers remains critical on how the system runs. Still imagining, admiring and creating changes for a better world.  FNB Baliuag also adopts Really Really Free Market, giving away clothes and others useful resources to unprivileged people, not only that other volunteers initiated Free school called Atinto Otonomiya Free school providing street set-up platform for free teaching, awareness and education.

This day, an event was organized to celebrate and gather all of our friends, sympathizer, volunteers and family to join with us in a night of devastating art of noise and protest against humanitarian crisis. We believed that the uncontrollable war, famine, poverty, injustice, ecological destruction are made by humans who are profiteering on this occurrence, this worst situation totally undermined relationship, compassion, love and peace. We are in a bridge of humanitarian crisis and we don’t want this crisis to continue. This event also are part of our solidarity with the victims of State atrocities as two FNB volunteers in Baliuag, Bulacan (Patrcik Paul Pile and Jessie Villanueva De Guzman) and two FNB volunteers in Davao City   (Chris Jose Eleazar aka Mokiam and Jan Ray Patindol aka Pating) got killed by police and another FNB volunteers in Bantayan, Cebu ( Marco Giducos aka Cram) detained in jail because of this War on drugs/ War on Poor. We condemned this State instigated violence which brought an estimated of 25,000 casualties, mainly coming from the poor families. Even local peace advocates are not safe to be subject of random killings without due process.

The night before October 16, 2018, the volunteers already meet up. They wake up early morning to gather vegetables and ingredients to prepare foods to all the visitor who will come.  We invited local bands like Anomalya, Total Alarm, Noise Baragsx, Censorshit, Experimento ni Alien, Balatay Core, Unknown System, Power Abuse, WeekEnds and Australian bands “I Have a Goat and Stoned to Death” to come and play with the help of BCHC DIY Tour Booking and in coordination with Etniko Bandido Infoshop and Food Not Bombs Baliuag the event happened smoothly as planned. We borrowed and rent the band equipment like amplifiers, speakers, drum set and talked to the host venue Gourmet Food Park to materialize this gig. The show started around 7pm with film showing, art exhibition, free t-shirt printing, freedom wall for messages and free expression. The effort of all the people behind this event were tremendous and overwhelming. We are thankful to all of you who made this possible.

Stop the War and Killings.

Stop the State Atrocities.

Spread love and the culture of sharing.