Culture of Sharing March 19,2017 Taguig, City “Sharing is Resistance”

Sharing is Resistance
By: Bandido
In a modern world that we live in, even your from the west or from the east we are all under by capitalism. The value and monetary exchange that capitalist promotes are all in favor for the benefit of some few elite individuals in which strongly supported by the government/state and push people to participate in a game orchestrated by corporation and politician for us to continue buying, paying, consuming, extracting, working, competing etc. and even churches who supposedly said promoting God’s will are also giving services for profits.
So if you do something that are not related with the kind of capitalist-consumers society, you are not normal. Every services and things that the people need like medical, education/information, foods, technology, shelter, recreational etc. are all needed to be valued with an amount of money. A paper and a coin in which has no feelings of love, compassion, selflessness, understanding, and respect. Money dominates the realm of our daily life. Money gives you a power to eradicate a harmonious relationship with each other. Creating a huge disparity between the rich and poor. Injustice, despair and inequalities are accepted concept of human condition.
Sharing is an act of resistance against this capitalist instigated false reality. Today, if you are aware on how the system works you should re-think and imagine a new society that solely base on sharing, mutual-cooperation, volunteerism, self-initiative to empower the people for self-determination and to advance the horizontal social relation.
Question our privileges and share this privileges to others if we really want to make a new world. Our life is not always base on profits, salary or money-making reality. Giving free workshop or skill-sharing, potlucks or sharing foods, really free market that is giving away stuffs and taking things that you need, sharing a space for activities and events, showing or exhibiting your talents for free, access for free tools and accessories, free school etc. We can achieve this by collaborating with diverse individuals who believes in solidarity, friendship and anarchy.

Eksena Sa Kalye February 17, 2017


Eksena Sa Kalye were spontaneously plan and participated by various individuals. To popularize the topics on environment, food politics and oppression. Creative approach should be done to address this issue and it need to do it from below.

An attempt to showcase a lifestyle or culture of sharing in a marginalized communities in Pasig City, the reaction by the people were different. They not usually see this kind of activities that gives away free clothes, shoes, utensils. cd’s etc. in the principles of Really Really Free Market “bring what you can and take what you need” and one of the effect was positive as an unknown lady with her child who are getting some stuffs voluntarily order a pizza for us to say thank you.¬†Art exhibition also happen and kids are excited to paint the sculpture made by our friend.

Kids playing with bubbles make a relaxation moment for their parents while watching their kids having fun. At night time, our friend gave some information and tips about basic composting for kitchen waste disposal as a practice to lessen the the daily waste produce by it. Lastly, our friend from Davao with his partner share their music.

Making this an everyday reality will possibly change the way people think, act and behave.

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Climate Crisis and Direct Action Forum February 23, 2017 Bulacan State University



By Chuck Baclagon

Climate change challenges us to rethink and build a new world using the lens of equity and sustainability. This entails the protracted work of changing our personal lifestyles and raising the awareness of others to take action individually and in coordination with the many other struggles that are fighting against the system that brought the climate crisis.

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We exist on a particular juncture in history. The prospect of our collective extinction as a specie, forces us to endure and challenges us to strive harder than before to speak truth to power, highlight the alternatives, and demonstrate possible solution to the current crisis by bringing out counter-narratives to the ones that we have been accustomed to like the capitalist-consumer myth of infinite growth in a finite planet.


In the forum I was able to explore the theme of climate change as a being both a crisis and an opportunity to build a socially just and ecologically sustainable world. While the next speaker Bas Umali of Onsite Infoshop explored the theme of responding to the ecological crisis through direct action as a way of to undermining the current system and showing it to be unnecessary and harmful. Lastly, Chris De Vera of Etniko Bandido gave practical examples of how direct action can be integrated into our individual lifestyles and our communities, these actions involve urban gardening, do-it-yourself solar installations, cycling among others.

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Baliwag Food Not Bombs gave away freshly cooked vegan food at the event as their way of taking direct action to show how a myriad corporate and government priorities are skewed to allow hunger to persist in the midst of abundance.

The forum served as a venue for discourse and dialogue that could pave the way for developing pathways for the participants to develop their own strategy of taking climate action.