Culture of Sharing Oct.31, 2016


Culture of sharing is a practice in which we encourage people to share their skills, talent, information, stuffs etc. for free. Culture of sharing are horizontally organized and self-managed by the volunteers. There is no need for coercion and domination. Culture of sharing is a tool to minimize our dependency on State, Corporation, NGO and any other institutions in providing and exchanging services or goods. Culture of sharing is a values that promotes mutual-cooperation, self-reliant and willingness. Culture of sharing defies private property and intellectual property rights. Culture of sharing respects individuality for collective emancipation against monopoly and control. Culture of sharing applied in family house hold, with friends, neighbors, collectives, communities, etc. Creating a harmonious relationship with each other.


Biag, Buhay, Ikabuhi “Value of Life, Denouncing Killings” Oct.29, 2016

On October 29, 2016 autonomous individuals, cause-oriented groups and local networks shared their thoughts about the on-going war on drugs and affirmed the life force through poetry, music, performances and talks. Friends from Peace Church and volunteers from different info shops initiated an event at project 20 Maginhawa to launch Manlaban zine, a do-it-yourself publication which features critical content and writings on drug-related and extra-judicial killings. It was an expression of sentiments, info sharing, narration, perspective and idea of resistance. Such is the core of Manlaban, amidst the hate, stigma and violence, the freedom to express, to think for one’s self, and criticality to resist all forms of violence, authority and hierarchy. Fread from Theo sa Kanto and Chung of the Etniko Bandido Infoshop traced the series of meetings which lead to the Biag, Buhay, Ikabuhi event. Taong Grasa Orchestra opened the night with communal music.

Jestoni of Notra Block, a network of autonomous groups in Caloocan and the rest of Northern part of Metro Manila provided a context and rationale of Manlaban zine. Greg Bituin Jr. a self-published poet commemorated the 150th death year anniversary of the slain Filipino general, Antonio Luna through an spontaneous poetry. While Darnell, a Canadian anabaptist and also part of peace church shared a counter-narrative about people of the bible.

Meanwhile, a volunteer from Marindukanon Infoshop also offered a solidarity message on the newly-launched zine, Manlaban. Members of Linangan ng Imahen Retorika at Arte (LIRA) took turns in reciting poems about the current state of killings and violence in the archipelago. While I-Defend, a human rights and dignity coalition gave the current score on the war on drugs of the present administration. Musical performances from folk punk Bata,Xterm Zoid, A.lien, Kaibuturan and Kontemporaryong Gamelang Filiipino (Kontra Gapi) followed.

In addition, there were simultaneous happenings in support of the cause like free t-shirt printing, pot luck, film screening, really really free market. The said creative resistance and direct action was a manifestation of the long tradition of sharing culture based on horizontal organising, anti-authoritarian alternative and non-hierarchical politics.


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