Tarabangan Kitang Gabos (Tulungan Tayong Lahat) Solidarity event January 29,2017


Last Dec. 25, 2016, Typhoon Nina hit the archipelago. One of the most affected was the town of Sagnay in the province of Camarines Sur. Most of the houses and infrastructures were torn down by the wind. Crops like bananas and coconuts were severely destroyed.

Therefore, the event Tarabangan Kitang Gabos (Tulungan Tayong Lahat) was initiated to declare solidarity to the people most affected by Typhoon Nina. On January 29, we will be calling to all performers ,artists and individuals to spend their time, resources and energy to raise funds to help reconstruct the victims’ houses and sources of living.

Proceeds will be spent for seeds, seedlings, housing materials, or school supplies. A P15,000 peso target is to be set. All of the resources collected from this event will go to people that need it most. Likely are farmers who ‘s livelihood depends on agriculture. These also include people with no capacity to buy materials to rebuild there homes and school supplies for their children.

We do not expect too much from this event, whether or not it will generate alot of resources. But the good thing is that we, people, try with our best effort to extend out to fellow brothers and sisters who are in need of support in continuing there lives. This event will also show us how Mutual Aid and Cooperation defines what kind of society we want to see in this world, and how Climate Change affects us all.

Ways to Participate:
1. Donate cash thruthis page or on the actual event.
2. Artists may donate thier works, to be auctioned online and on the event. Kindly share photos of your craft for the online auction.
3. Share songs, dances and poetry on the event program. Kindly contact us, so we can include you in the program and poster.
4. Share this event to friends and families who may be interested in helping and participating.
Come jam with us on this meaningful night!
Dios Mabalos sa Indong Gabos! Maraming Salamat sa Inyong Lahat! Patnubayan Kitang Gabos ng Kagurangnan!

For inquiries, please contact Ron:
+63 915 869 8940


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