Sining sa Buting 3.0 Archipelagic Zine Fair Feb.20, 2021

Mainstream media are composition of corporations collaborating in sustaining their good image, with the use of different program like gameshow or talent show and soap opera they design this to constantly manipulate, influence and fool people; with the help of commercials and advertisement they dictate consumerism and fanaticism. News that is repeatedly controlled by corporate media, manufacturing lies and somehow responsible on influencing and shaping your views in any issues. Mainstream media has a clear interest, for you to be dependent on any information that they show and remain obedient.

We need to be a bandit and take back the narrative of journalism and print media.

This last few weeks, despite of the restriction against the big gatherings and event because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we managed to organize an Archipelagic Zine Fair in our space that were participated by few individuals who are communally interested in creating a community that are fascinated in making independent print media or alternative media using Zines, a direct-action against mainstream media and fake news made in social media.

We know that making Zines is an step away from manipulative corporate media. We believed that making Zines are open for all, you can be a writer, artist, poets, illustrator, editor and publisher of your own work without someone telling you what to do. A do-it-yourself masterpiece countering standardization. You may hold and express your own narrative, concepts, stories and contents.

We organize this activity in order to share space, opportunity and platforms to all the the zinester/ zine maker coming from Luzon, Vizayas and Mindanao, the three biggest islands in Archipelago or the so-called Philippines. We had a zine exhibition and display the works made by Allan Balisi, Apol Sta. Maria, Diana Clara Mendoza, A.lien, Jose Olaguer, Photozinethesis, JW-2098, meepmoop969472, Tanex and Chung from Luzon, there are also zine made by Soika Vomiter and a collaborative zines by Food Not Bombs Bacolod which are coming from Vizayas and zines created by Kram Assault and Balong from Mindanao. This show is an attempt to promote zinester from different respective region and to create a network of independent print media warriors. We also set-up two typewriter to encourage participants to experience and exercise participatory and collaborative free style writing that we call “Dugtungan”. Aside from this, we gave a chance to Tanex to launch and present his 2nd issue of Distronka Sistema zine.

The event were participated by diverse individuals like poets, writer, tattoo artist, students, theater performer, tv director, tricycle driver, musician, office worker and government employee; sharing camaraderie and friendship. There is also a free food like pitchi-pitchi, cassava cake, banana with coconut, kamote fries and vegetarian salad with hot coffee promoting culture of sharing. An event recognizing freedom of the press and free expression while respecting each other and their work. Every zine maker share their Zines, the story behind it, their inspiration and views which are all coming from their heart and not dictated by someone else.

Alongside with this, we also had a Really Really Free Market or ” Libreng Palengke infront of our infoshop to share stuffs for free like shoes and clothes as part of our Mutual aid community action, stuffs which are donated by friends and love ones.

We are thankful for all the participants, organizer and to our community who help and join for this event, to gather regardless of the restriction. We will continue organize more event that is non-commercialized, autonomous, non-hierarchical and inclusive.


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