April 6, 2018
As the busy footbridge in Mandaluyong City. A group of peace advocates stage a protest in the area providing free meal to all the passers-by. They put up a banner and made a photo exhibition of war images. The action was plan and initiated by individuals who are fed up on different war going on in various places. This atrocities against fellow human happened because of the interest to control and dominate other being. Destroying culture and annihilate future generation. The people responsible and continued this brutality are the one who wants a total power like corporation/capitalist, states/government, fundamentalist religious group and other progressive political blocks. Most of them rely on war and it became an industry producing weapon, ammunition and war machineries. Tons of minerals needed to excavate to make this weapon available. Thousands of lives perish to this endless war and with the advancement of technology still we didn’t make a solution out of it. We are in favor with peace talks but this process constantly deliberating millions of budget that are wasted.

We are opposing the Indonesian State instigated genocide in West Papua.
We are against the Turkish state invasion in Afrin, Syria. Defend Afrin.
Stop the atrocity on Lumad communities.


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