Earth Camp Pampanga “Indung Yatu Campo” April 22-23,2017

“Ecological Re-connection and Our Responsibility as a Human Being”

“Every creature is better alive than dead, men and moose and pine trees, and he who understands it aright will rather preserve its life than destroy it.”       Henry David Thoreau



The human being already consumed, extract and destroy the only habitable planet on the solar system, our mother earth. We people, are already detached ourselves with the land, sea and other creatures that supposed to be our brother and sister. Our modern practices dependent on the values of consumerist lifestyle, alienation, destructive progression and greed. We are no longer connected to each other, to our culture, to our language and to our traditional life ways. We are already influenced by the capitalist market and gradually forgetting our true local identity. This whole system teach us to become a product and think that nature is our commodity, disrespecting the importance of life.

There is a necessity now for us to re-think our sole purpose in life and why we are here in this planet. Re-connecting ourselves with nature that support our daily function as a human being. The mother earth is calling us to protect the mountains, rivers, sea and each other from an onslaught that is already happening in different side of the globe.

As a human being like you, we are encouraging you to be part and express your willingness to an experience that will tackle the culture of sharing, cherishing lives, promoting diversity and rejoining ourselves to the nature.

Workshop/ lecture: Mono print, Detergent soap making, Yoga for Earth and Health, Marginal World music, Silk-screen printing, Cooking demo, Solar power demo, Percussion workshop, Participatory Zine-making, Eco- menstrual pads workshop, Poi dance and DIY film making and editing.







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