Eksena Sa Kalye February 17, 2017


Eksena Sa Kalye were spontaneously plan and participated by various individuals. To popularize the topics on environment, food politics and oppression. Creative approach should be done to address this issue and it need to do it from below.

An attempt to showcase a lifestyle or culture of sharing in a marginalized communities in Pasig City, the reaction by the people were different. They not usually see this kind of activities that gives away free clothes, shoes, utensils. cd’s etc. in the principles of Really Really Free Market “bring what you can and take what you need” and one of the effect was positive as an unknown lady with her child who are getting some stuffs voluntarily order a pizza for us to say thank you. Art exhibition also happen and kids are excited to paint the sculpture made by our friend.

Kids playing with bubbles make a relaxation moment for their parents while watching their kids having fun. At night time, our friend gave some information and tips about basic composting for kitchen waste disposal as a practice to lessen the the daily waste produce by it. Lastly, our friend from Davao with his partner share their music.

Making this an everyday reality will possibly change the way people think, act and behave.

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